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Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals Summer Treasure Hunt in Red Bank

We apologize for being a little absent from the blog recently.  We are busy preparing for our Treasure Hunt in Red Bank, NJ this weekend, June 30th to be precise.  Red Bank is known for many things but one of the main draws to town has been their annual July 3rd fireworks display.  For budget reasons, the powers that be, in their infinite wisdom, decided to cancel this year’s display.  This is huge for local businesses because the fireworks would bring THOUSANDS of people to town for the day.

In an effort to do something for the 4th of July, Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals has created a treasure hunt around town.  You start at our store and pick up your map and loot bag.  The map will take you to other stores in town where they will give you a clue to your final destination as well as a little something for your loot bag.

If you are in Red Bank, NJ this weekend, stop on by 9 Monmouth Street for your treasure map.  Don’t let a little 90 degree heat and NJ humidity scare you away. George is resting up, saving his energy.  I just wish we could do the same.

We just took the picture, he tucked himself in.


His Aunts Have An Awesome Toy Store But All He Wants Is An Iphone

Yesterday, we got to spend a very relaxing day at my parents with my nephew.  We are obviously biased, but this is one of the most beautiful, good natured babies you will ever want to be around.  Who would have thought my idea of the perfect day is to spend all day with an almost 9 month old baby?

We started the day with the most well documented bath in history.

Then there were feedings and walking of dogs and reading books.  God help my brother and sister-in-law but he is just about ready to start crawling.  He dragged himself across the table in a military crawl to get what he wanted.

What did he want?  Well, his cool aunts have an awesome toy store and will bring him anything from the store but all he wanted was Mary Beth’s iPhone.

He military crawled across the table on his stomach, took the iPhone, rolled himself over on his back and stared in rapture at the kaleidoscope app.

All too soon the day was over and we had to say goodbye.

We are left counting the days until either we get to Baltimore again or he can come back to NJ.

Fun With Food – The Duck Version

Little tip for you today – when your sponsored animal of the week is something humans eat on a regular basis, the images you find on the internet for your food post might be slightly disturbing.  I was thinking of cute little duckie cupcakes and cakes and instead I find plates of cooked duck :(.

Also, there’s not a lot of cute duckie food out there, but never fear we prevailed in finding some.

Donald Duck Cupcakes courtesy of Disney

Duck Cupcakes courtesy of What’s New Cupcake?

For the more deranged among us, Zombie Duck Cupcakes courtesy of The Cupcake Blog. There are no directions but I thought I should share anyway because you truly can find ANYTHING on the internet!

Quack Quack the Duck Cake – How to turn a round cake into a duck courtesy of Sue Horne-Bates on Pinterest

Another tutorial for turning round cakes into ducks from Bit-O-Me Blog.

Duck and Chick Cookies from inGusto. The instructions are in Italian but they were too cute not to share.

Love these Duck Print Cookies again from Bit-O-Me

So we were 100% sweet on this week’s food theme, but trust me the savory options were not what we had in mind!

Which of the above will you be making?

There Is Something So Sweet About A Boy Buying A Girl A Teddy Bear

Here at Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals, we don’t see it as often as I would have thought; a teenage boy buying his girlfriend a teddy bear.  Is it because these days girls won’t let themselves be “young” enough to want a teddy bear from their boyfriend?  Who knows.  But on this cold, rainy Wednesday my faith was restored.  I just had a boy and girl in the store.  She was giggling the whole time, as teenage girls are want to do, and she fell in love with this Blue Whispers Bear.

Jellycat Blue Whispers Teddy Bear

And then he sheepishly handed me the bear to buy.  It made my day!

Did You Know …. Duck Edition

Did you know

That ducks have a hard “nail” at the end of their beak that allows them to forage in the mud for food? There is also a comb-like structure at the side of their beak that strains out the the insects and crustaceans from the water

That most ducks are monogamous during mating season but they don’t mate for life?

That a mother duck will lead her ducklings up to a half-mile away to find a suitable watering hole?

That ducks are very social creatures and need companions? If they are raised solely by humans, they begin to think that they are human too.

That once a duck is in flight, he can reach speeds of up to 70 feet per second?

That when ducks are ready to leave one pond and move to another, they use a special call so no one in the flock is left behind?

This one may have been left behind at Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals on purpose!

June 11, 2012

Yesterday, we closed the store and went to visit the nephew in his new house. Of course, we brought him lots of good things to play with. What good is having Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals if we can’t spoil Brayden rotten? And his favorite thing? A balloon. Go figure!

He and his family have moved to Baltimore which is about 3 hours too far away. If Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals suddenly disappears from Red Bank, look for it to pop up somewhere in the Fells Point area. Because it is very difficult to say goodbye to that face.

Ollie the Stomper and Other Books About Ducks

So, it’s duck week at Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals.  Our story time (Tuesdays at 11AM and Saturdays at 1PM) book this week will be Ollie the Stomper by Olivier Dunrea.

Fans of the Gossie & Friends books will enjoy little Ollie and his big personality as he finds his way in the barnyard. Irresistible characters and delightful text make these board books perfect for springtime reading and sharing.

Mary Beth had so much fun reading this to the kids this morning.  While trying to decide which book to read we had some great title to choose.

The Little Duck by Judy Dunn

Full-color photographs. Humorous factual account of a year in a duck’s life.

10 Little Rubber Ducks by Eric Carle

10 little rubber ducks overboard!
Get swept away on a high-seas voyage of discovery with 10 little rubber ducks as they float to every part of the world. They all find adventure, but one duck finds something very special!

One Duck Stuck by Phyllis Root Illustrated by Jane Chapman

Exuberant rhythms and vibrant illustrations in a one-of-a-kind counting book!
Can two fish, tails going swish, help? Will three moose, munching on spruce, be able to pull the unlucky duck out of the muck?

Duck and Goose by Tad Hills

Duck doesn’t much care for Goose at first, and Goose isn’t fond of Duck. But both want the egg that each claims to be his. As the two tend to their egg, and make plans for the future, they come to appreciate one another’s strengths.

Duck at the Door by Jackie Urbanovic

Knock. Knock. Knock!
Someone’s outside the door. . . .
But who?
Meet Max— a duck for all seasons.

Duck by Randy Cecil

Duck is a carousel animal who spends her days watching flocks of real, flying ducks — and her nights dreaming of soaring among them. Flying is all she can think about, until the day a lost little duckling waddles into her life. Soon Duck and Duckling are inseparable: they walk together, play together, even dream of flying together. Then the time comes when Duckling’s yellow fuzz is replaced by long white feathers, and Duck is determined to do whatever it takes to help him learn to fly. But what if helping Duckling find his wings means being left behind?

Duck on a Bike by David Shannon

Caldecott Honor winner David Shannon applies his wonderful off-beat humor to the story of a duck who decides to try riding a bike–and loves it! Another young, funny book perfect for reading aloud.

I’m sure we’ve missed one or two or ten favorite duck books; there are a lot to choose from.  Just let us know in the comments if we missed your favorite.