Did You Know …. Duck Edition

Did you know

That ducks have a hard “nail” at the end of their beak that allows them to forage in the mud for food? There is also a comb-like structure at the side of their beak that strains out the the insects and crustaceans from the water

That most ducks are monogamous during mating season but they don’t mate for life?

That a mother duck will lead her ducklings up to a half-mile away to find a suitable watering hole?

That ducks are very social creatures and need companions? If they are raised solely by humans, they begin to think that they are human too.

That once a duck is in flight, he can reach speeds of up to 70 feet per second?

That when ducks are ready to leave one pond and move to another, they use a special call so no one in the flock is left behind?

This one may have been left behind at Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals on purpose!


2 responses to “Did You Know …. Duck Edition

  1. I love that stuffed ducky!

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