Fun With Food – The Duck Version

Little tip for you today – when your sponsored animal of the week is something humans eat on a regular basis, the images you find on the internet for your food post might be slightly disturbing.  I was thinking of cute little duckie cupcakes and cakes and instead I find plates of cooked duck :(.

Also, there’s not a lot of cute duckie food out there, but never fear we prevailed in finding some.

Donald Duck Cupcakes courtesy of Disney

Duck Cupcakes courtesy of What’s New Cupcake?

For the more deranged among us, Zombie Duck Cupcakes courtesy of The Cupcake Blog. There are no directions but I thought I should share anyway because you truly can find ANYTHING on the internet!

Quack Quack the Duck Cake – How to turn a round cake into a duck courtesy of Sue Horne-Bates on Pinterest

Another tutorial for turning round cakes into ducks from Bit-O-Me Blog.

Duck and Chick Cookies from inGusto. The instructions are in Italian but they were too cute not to share.

Love these Duck Print Cookies again from Bit-O-Me

So we were 100% sweet on this week’s food theme, but trust me the savory options were not what we had in mind!

Which of the above will you be making?


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