His Aunts Have An Awesome Toy Store But All He Wants Is An Iphone

Yesterday, we got to spend a very relaxing day at my parents with my nephew.  We are obviously biased, but this is one of the most beautiful, good natured babies you will ever want to be around.  Who would have thought my idea of the perfect day is to spend all day with an almost 9 month old baby?

We started the day with the most well documented bath in history.

Then there were feedings and walking of dogs and reading books.  God help my brother and sister-in-law but he is just about ready to start crawling.  He dragged himself across the table in a military crawl to get what he wanted.

What did he want?  Well, his cool aunts have an awesome toy store and will bring him anything from the store but all he wanted was Mary Beth’s iPhone.

He military crawled across the table on his stomach, took the iPhone, rolled himself over on his back and stared in rapture at the kaleidoscope app.

All too soon the day was over and we had to say goodbye.

We are left counting the days until either we get to Baltimore again or he can come back to NJ.


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