The Galleria

While at the Farmers Market on Sunday, Clive checked out some of the stores in The Galleria.

The owners of The Danish Cafe were so helpful in setting up the shot. Unfortunately, the photographer was too busy drooling over the brownies to notice that the picture was out of focus:}

Hey! There are many actresses who pay a lot of money to appear slightly fuzzy in their pictures!!

Moving on! Did you know that the owners of Frame to Please opened a new booth called Paws for Cause to help raise money for pet owners who can’t afford surgeries for their pets? Clive supports this idea fully especially since there is no national health care in place for aardvarks!

(Again with the fuzziness, and I don’t even have chocolate to blame this time.)

**Clive is a Jellycat Cordy Roy Aardvark and can be purchased either through our online site, Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals, or in our store at 9 Monmouth Street, Red Bank, NJ.


2 responses to “The Galleria

  1. Megan Prenderville

    I am just loving Clives adventures. The ladies of Fragile Earth are just SO creative! Well done! and thank you 🙂

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