Monthly Archives: September 2012

Batman Looking For His Wheels

It was Cruise Night in Red Bank, NJ last night and at about 5pm I looked up and sitting outside the window to our store was THE BAT MOBILE!!!  It was on a flatbed but obviously it was heading for Broad St to be part of the car show.  Ten minutes later The General Lee drove by and we decided Cruise Night might be worth checking out.

Clive was so excited he decided to go in costume.

So we closed the store and Batman went in search of his wheels.

We searched up and down Broad St but the Bat Mobile was nowhere to be found; no signs of the General Lee either.  So, being an enterprising aardvark, Clive/Batman decided to go searching for some new wheels.

This one wasn’t right, so our search continued until we found this beauty.

Yes this one will definitely do!

Thanks so much to the car owners, for allowing Clive/Batman to pose with your cars.

**Clive is a Jellycat Cordy Roy Aardvark and can be purchased either through our online site, Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals, or in our store at 9 Monmouth Street, Red Bank, NJ.