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Crafts to do with Kids – FELT CROWNS


We’ve found one way to get parents’ attention is to have something for the kids to do. Red Bank has a street fair twice a year and this Spring, we had felt crowns available for the kids to decorate. 


We took two strips of different colored felt, cut the points into the top and sewed them together.



Then we had buckets of buttons and beads ready for the kids to pick out their “jewels”.  We threaded needles ahead of time so we could sew them where directed.


We charged $5 a crown and we were the hit of the street fair!



Tips for Long Car Rides with Kids

travelAs Memorial Day approaches, parents all over the country mentally prepare themselves for the annual car trip vacation. While we all understand the urge to use sound resistant earphones to block out bored and frustrated children, the authorities tend to frown on them, especially on the driver. Rather than muting the “Are we there yet”s, let us give you some tips on keeping the little ones occupied during the trip.

Erica Mueller, in her article Tips for Traveling with Kids – LONG CAR TRIPS suggests bringing something new for your brood that they can get just before (or after) you leave. We did not do a lot of really long distance traveling when we were young, but the one trip I do remember, my grandmother had packets of books ready for us when we got in the car. Some were activity books, some were for reading, but all were designed to keep us busy.

Becky, in her blog post Traveling with the Kids for the Holidays suggests bringing a map showing the route you plan to take. That way they can mark off cities or states they’ve passed. Learning to read a map is becoming a lost art in the age of electronic navigators but is very useful, especially if your kids ever decide to go on the Amazing Race.

Tip Junkie has some great traveling tips for long drives – from food to activities to storage in the car. I particularly like the magnetic games (using a baking tin to keep all the pieces in one place!) and using a shoe organizer bag to manage each child’s activities and toys. They get to pick one thing every hour or so, making lots of choices available:)

It’s always fun to stop and stretch your legs. Maybe get a milkshake at one of Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives or take a quick hike along one of the many trails in the US. And if you’re traveling with kids of the four-legged variety, there are tons of hotels that are now pet friendly. Find a list