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Advent Calendar Day 20 – Make a card for your teacher

Are you giving your child’s teacher a holiday gift and looking for the perfect finishing touch? Why not have your child help make a card telling what their favorite part of the year has been? There are a lot of fun cards you can make together.

Make your own snowman card lets them make an ornament for their decorations.

3-D Snowball card uses pom poms to give an extra dimension to your holiday wishes.

Have you taken pictures of your child on class trips or during class parties during the year? The Fold Out Photo card is perfect for sharing them with the teacher.

If your child is having a great year, don’t forget to add a note letting the teacher know. Taking a moment to write about a specific instance really lets the teacher know he/she is doing a good job. And as an added bonus, why not let the principal/front office know as well?  It’s always nice when a parent acknowledges a good teacher.

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Advent Calendar Day 18 – Make Christmas Cookies

I remember making cupcakes and cookies with my little brothers when they were about 2 or 3 years old. They had so much fun stirring the batter and licking the spoon (back in the olden days, before we had Kitchen-Aid Mixers, we used wooden spoons!)

Even if you don’t enjoy baking, there are some good cookies that you can find in the dairy section of your supermarket, that only require you to cut them and put them in the oven. Piece of cake cookie.



Advent Calendar Day 16 – Handprint Wreaths

To make a handprint wreath, all you need is some green construction paper, red ribbon, and one small hand. Trace your child’s hand on the green paper – you’ll need between 8 and 12 handprints, depending on how big their hands are this year. Cut out the handprints and arrange them in a circle. Use glue or tape to stick the hands together. Make a bow out of the red ribbon and attach it to the bottom of your wreath.

If your child enjoys working with fingerpaints, you can also make handprints out of green paint on a white paper plate. Simply cut out the middle of the plate to make the wreath shape.

Advent Calendar Day 14 – Pom Pom Snowman

To make a snowman ornament, you will need the following items:

3 white pom poms

1 smaller red pom pom

a circle of red felt, slightly larger than the red pom pom

a small triangle of orange felt

a needle and thread (about 2 feet long)

a piece of colorful yarn – I used apple green which doesn’t show up as well in this picture as I would like

a small bead (I used one in the shape of a leaf)

a black marker

glue (not shown)

Start by tying the thread to the bead, leaving a long tail, and feed the needle up through the middle of the red pom pom. Then feed it back through going down

and sew the pom pom to the red circle of felt. This will be the snowman’s hat.

Then feed the needle through the first white pom pom (the head)

and through the next two pom poms ending at the bottom of the snowman. Sew back up the snowman and the red felt, winding up just under the red pom pom.

Tie your thread to the tail you left at the beginning, leaving enough to make a loop for hanging your ornament.

Using the black marker, make dots for coal eyes, smile, and buttons. Tie the yarn around your snowman’s neck for a scarf and glue the orange felt to the face for a carrot nose.

Doesn’t she look dashing? Pretty cool for a fast, easy project!

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Advent Day Thirteen – Candy Kiss Mice


For Day 13, we’ve experimented with a sweet ornament to add to your Christmas tree. All the tasting was for quality control, I promise! How long will they last in your house, I wonder? Here, not so long.

For each mouse, you will need 2 candy kisses, a piece of curling ribbon, two ears made out of scrap paper, two eyes (googly eyes or sequins work well), and a piece of fishing wire as a hanger (not shown). You’ll also need some tape and a gluing agent. Since I know no one will be eating my mice, I used glue. For mice that little ones might pilfer, I’d suggest using a bit of frosting or the cake decorating gels you can get at the super market, as your “glue”.

Start by snipping the Hershey Kiss tags. Then tape the ears to the back of the front kiss (that’s not too confusing at all!) and add the eyes with bits of your “glue”.

Tape the fishing wire in a loop to the bottom of the back kiss. Either tape of “glue” the two kisses together on the flat bottom sides.

Using the flat edge a pair of scissors, run it along the ribbon to give the tail a curl. Then slide the ribbon into the foil of the back kiss.

Hang these little guys in your tree and wait to see how long it takes your kids to find them. Or if you wanted to add a special surprise to their lunch one day, I bet this is one mouse they wouldn’t mind finding in their lunch box!

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Advent Calendar Day 12 – Secret Snowman

Today, for our Advent Calendar, we found a fun game for your family to play called Secret Snowman.

“This game involves lots of pats on the back and laughs, so it’s perfect for family gatherings. Players try to stick a paper snowman on a person’s back without her noticing. When that person realizes the snowman is on her, she has to stick it on someone else’s back. Don’t worry about the snowman staying on just one back for hours — giggling kids are sure to give the person a clue before too long. Try to have the snowman visit everyone’s back by the end of the day”  from

Advent Calendar Day 11 – Watch a Christmas Movie with Your Family

It’s December 11th and as the holidays get closer, we get more frantic about finishing everything on our lists. Don’t forget to take a moment and just breathe – and spend some time with the people who are most important – your family.

There are so many great Christmas movies out now. Some classics like It’s a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street never get old. And newer ones, like Prancer and Elf,are making their own mark. If you feel “in the Christmas Spirit” when you’re finished watching them, they’ve done their job!

So, pop some popcorn, grab your family (or your cat if he’s closest), and settle down for some holiday cheer. And feel free to tell us your favorite holiday movie in the comments.