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Weekly Arts & Crafts Projects

Why You Always Test the Pinterest Crafts Ahead of Time!

wand 3


This is the latest craft we’ve found on Pinterest (originally from Buggy & Buddy) that makes us want to drop everything and MAKE THINGS!! We decided it would  be perfect to do with the kids at Fragile Earth for the 4th of July. But we have learned, from mistakes in the past, to try everything before getting kids involved. Most of the time, it all goes like clockwork but occasionally, instructions need to be tweaked a bit for our age group (read YOUNG!)

Helen set out to make one of these Patriotic Wands by screwing an eye hook into the end of a dowel.



Our first dowel was too skinny and split immediately.

wand 1


Our second choice was a little thicker and she got the hook all the way in, but the dowel spit in the end.

wand 2


Our third choice was the biggest dowel we had before we graduated to what she referred to as Patriotic Clubs rather than wands. Huzzah! This one worked 🙂

Next came the adornments – ribbons and sparkly wire. Helen quickly realized that little hands weren’t going to be able to thread more than one ribbon (if we were lucky) through the tiny hole of the eye hook, let alone work with the wire without poking themselves. So we rethought our craft and decided to attach all the ribbons before the kids arrived. We wanted them to have a hand in the decorating somehow so we added beads to the overall look which they could string on some of the ribbons. Because really, who doesn’t love beads?

Our finished project ….

wand 4


As you can see, we’ve added ribbon to the handle as well because it looks pretty! Hopefully we’ll have lots of little ones stopping by this weekend to make their own and we’ll share pictures of those next week.



Craft Supplies

In an attempt to get patrons in the store, and because we like to encourage our inner 5 year old, Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals is offering free crafts all summer. Every week will have its own theme

and each day will feature a different craft.

Our first week is all about pirates and we’ve got some cool things planned.

Helen is rightly worried about how paint on little hands and stuffed animals are not a great combination, so we’re going to be standing by with wipes at the ready!

Hopefully the kids will enjoy the crafts and the parents will remember us as a cool store when it comes time to buy stuffed animals and toys:)

Owl Week – Craft Ideas

Owls continue to be very popular so there are tons of craft ideas out there. I looked for ones that were a little bit different – not your run of the mill paper plate project. This is a small portion of what I found:

Made with styrofoam balls & sheets of felt (with a pair of googly eyes thrown in if you have them), these are adorable!

They used craft foam but I think you could just as easily use heavy card stock. I love the color combinations here.

The woman who made these is an artist so I fully expect mine to pale in comparison but I remember painting rocks (and shells) and having so much fun doing it!

The “no sew” component really struck my fancy since I hate hand sewing anything. These would make a great housewarming gift.

These look like they are owl pies in my mind:) I love the leaf shaped wings on the blue one. Once you get the patterns worked out, I bet these would be really easy to make.

Better Homes & Gardens used a mesh pencil tin but I thought this would be a great way to recycle a canned vegetable can.

Do you know anyone who knits or sews? If so, I’ll bet they’re constantly looking for a measuring tape. How cute is this?

I really want one of these owl bags. They are so funky, I just get a happy feeling every time I see them. I have some leftover scraps that will be perfect for the feathers!

I have always loved the look and feel of bric-brac. And to use it for his feathers is genius!

Yet another way to recycle those bath tissue rolls:) But come on! How sweet are these guys?

So these are the crafts I want to tackle. How about you? Any favorite owl ideas we should check out? Let us know in the comments.


Crayon Relief Easter Egg – Day 31 National Craft Month March 2012

Nothing like waiting until the last minute to post the final craft for our National Craft Month project. I’m very proud of us for getting something up every day this month – there were a few days when it was iffy, but we did it, so messy high-fives all around.

Since we’re only a week away from Easter, today we’re doing an Easter Egg project that can be made into a card or a decoration.

You will need an egg shape cut out of construction paper, a white crayon, and watered down paint. White paper will show the colors best. Be sure to use construction paper because it’s porous and will hold the color. The paint will just roll off slicker papers (like copy paper or card stock).

Use the crayon to draw designs on the egg.

Brush a colored wash (watered down paint) across the egg. The designs will pop out of the color.

Cover the whole egg with color.

Don’t worry – it dries a bit lighter than when first brushed on the paper.

Glue the egg on a coordinating color of construction paper and turn it into an Easter card for a loved one.

This ends our 31 days of crafts. Join us next month for a new adventure. Rumor has it, everything may revolve around fun recipes to do with your kids:)

Beaded Key Chain – Day 30 National Craft Month March 2012

I first did this project at our Valentine’s Day party. I was going to use wire but worried about the kids scratching/poking themselves. So, on a whim, I tried stringing beads on a pipe cleaner and it was so much easier than I  imagined.

You will need a pipe cleaner, beads, and a key ring (found at craft stores)

First, shape your pipe cleaner into the approximate shape you want to make. I originally planned on making a flower (hence all the red/pink/white beads) but then changed my mind because this looked so much like a dinosaur foot to me.

After you shape your key ring, start feeding beads onto the pipe cleaner.

You may lose the shape at times, but pipe cleaners are easily adjusted. Don’t forget to add the key ring. It’s a pain in the neck if you close up the shape before putting it on.

Twist together the two ends and fold them alongside the pipe cleaner. If you’re using pony beads, you should be able to slide a bead over the join to cover any sharp ends like I did.

Voila! Personal key rings that kids will have a ball making.

Egg Carton Wreath – Day 29 National Craft Month March 2012

We eat a lot of eggs in our house, but I never remember to save the cartons. This is mainly because my dogs love to chew on them and I usually give them whatever they want. But I finally asserted myself and told them that needed the carton to make a wreath. As you would expect, they looked at me as if I had lost my mind, but I stood firm.

What you will need for this project:  a paper plate, crayons (or paint, if you have it), sequins, green construction paper, a ribbon to hang your wreath when you’re finished, and 8 cups from the egg carton.

Cut out the middle of the plate. The resulting ring will be the base for your wreath.

Cut 8 egg cups from the carton. The instructions call for neatly and evenly trimmed cups, but I just laughed derisively at that. Anyone who knows me knows that neat and even are two words that just don’t apply here!

Color or paint the inside of the egg cups. I kind of like the mottled effect of using two crayons inside the cup (which translates to I NEED TO BUY PAINT SOON!)

Glue a sequin in the middle of the egg cup for a little touch of bling!

Cut tiny triangles out of the edges of the egg cups. Fold the petals out.

Glue the flowers around the outer rim of the plate.

Using the green construction paper, cut out leaves to fill in between the flowers.

Glue the petals between the flowers.

Punch a hole in the plate and add the ribbon hanger. Be sure to place it in the darkest part of the store so the colors don’t show up at all in the final presentation.


Project originally found at Free Crafts for Kids and thoroughly mucked up by me.

Bunny Baskets – Day 28 National Craft Month March 2012

When I taught Kindergarten, class parties were always very exciting.

The parents in charge of the parties tried to find things to do that wouldn’t rile up the kids too much but that would also keep them involved.

Craft projects were always popular.

But a lot of times, providing materials for 22 to 25 kids could get expensive.

This bunny basket would have been perfect. Everything needed can be found at home or in the classroom art center.

Add a few plastic eggs with goodies inside and I can’t think of a child who wouldn’t love to get one of these:)

So if you’re the parent in charge of the Easter party this year, try these.

I promise, you won’t be disappointed!


Original idea from Martha Stewart – with some modifications by Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals