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THEY SAY IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY – week of 10/25-10/31

All of us here at Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals are voracious readers. You can usually find us with a book in hand, looking for the closest comfortable chair.  This week’s birthdays included some of my favorite authors, so I wrested the reins from Helen and took over this post.

Steven Kellogg was one of my favorite authors to use with my kindergarten classes. His books are full of wonderful color and creativity. One of my brothers found me a copy of  The Mysterious Tadpole with a plush version of what the tadpole becomes. The kids loved reading the book to each other and bringing out the monster at the end.


Enid Bagnold was a prodigious writer who published books, plays, poetry. Her most famous work is National Velvet, which I first read when I was in 5th grade at overnight camp.  Lying on the bunk and reading is one of two memories I have from that time – the other is walking off the wrong end of the dock and having to get fished out because I didn’t know how to swim. So now, I always associate National Velvet with almost drowning (sigh…)

national velvet

The Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson is one of those books that affected me deeply and has remained with me since I first read it when I was 12 or 13. I got it for Easter one year and read it in one sitting. My mother came in to find me sitting on the couch sobbing. I have yet to see the movie because I’m worried it may differ from the book and the very clear picture I had of the whole story. PS – if you want to read about a fascinating woman, click on the link to Katherine Paterson above. She’s lived all over the world, done missionary work in Japan, and sounds like a wonderful person to just sit and chat with.


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They Say It’s Your Birthday – October 19 – 25

Author’s birthdays this week  (Oct 19th – Oct 25th)-

October 19th – Ed Emberly.

I used to love getting Ed Emberly’s Learn to Draw books for Christmas.  Since I am not the least bit gifted artistically these books were perfect for me.  Ed Emberly taught me how to draw animals using squares, triangles and other everyday shapes.



October 2oth – Crockett Johnson

Harold & the Purple Crayon has been delighting parents and children since 1955.


October 23rd – Marjorie Flack

Marjorie Flack illustrated one of my favorite books of all time The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes. Not only is it a wonderful story but it is a beautiful book as well, thanks to Marjorie Flack’s illustrations.

county bunny

They Say It’s Your Birthday – Oct 11th – Oct 18th

Author’s birthdays this week  (Oct 4th – Oct 10th)-

October 14th – Lois Lenski.

Lois Lenski was both an author and illustrator.  Perhaps her best known work is the Mr. Small series.  This versatile hero becomes an aviator, sailor, engineer, farmer, fireman, cowboy, policeman, and father. In her autobiography Journey Into Childhood, Lenski credited her son Stephen with being the inspiration for Mr. Small. When watching Stephen and his friends playing, Lenski noticed that–contrary to what many adults believe–the boys never gave their imaginary automobiles, trains, or planes a personality, but instead were more concerned with being the driver of that vehicle.


They Say It’s Your Birthday – October 4th – Oct 10th

Author’s birthdays this week  (Oct 4th – Oct 10th)-

October 4th – Donald Sobol, author of Encyclopedia Brown series

Encyclopedia Brown

October 5th – Gene Zion author of one of our favorite children’s books, Harry the Dirty Dog

Harry The Dirty Dog

October 5th – Louise Fitzhugh author of Harriet the Spy

Harriet the Spy


October 10th – James Marshall author of the famous George & Martha series




Author’s birthdays this week –

September 26 – Bernard Waber, from Lyle, Lyle Crocodile


fame. While he’s not our gators,

Jellycat Junglie Gator

Jellycat Junglie Gator

Jellycat Cordy Roy Gator

Jellycat Cordy Roy Gator

Lyle is a perennial favorite here in the Fragile Earth Orphanage.

September 30 – Edgar D’Aulaire is 1/2 of a truly creative couple of author/illustrators. I have copies of their books of Greek Mythology


and Norse Mythology


that I got when I was 10, and I still refer to them to this day. The illustrations are gorgeous – full of color, just the way I like them!

October 3 – Munro Leaf, the author of The Story of Ferdinand


This story holds a special place in our hearts because our wonderful Fiona


was the living example of Ferdinand. She always had to stop and smell all, and I stress all, the flowers. Walks with her were extended, to say the least.