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Fun With Food – The Duck Version

Little tip for you today – when your sponsored animal of the week is something humans eat on a regular basis, the images you find on the internet for your food post might be slightly disturbing.  I was thinking of cute little duckie cupcakes and cakes and instead I find plates of cooked duck :(.

Also, there’s not a lot of cute duckie food out there, but never fear we prevailed in finding some.

Donald Duck Cupcakes courtesy of Disney

Duck Cupcakes courtesy of What’s New Cupcake?

For the more deranged among us, Zombie Duck Cupcakes courtesy of The Cupcake Blog. There are no directions but I thought I should share anyway because you truly can find ANYTHING on the internet!

Quack Quack the Duck Cake – How to turn a round cake into a duck courtesy of Sue Horne-Bates on Pinterest

Another tutorial for turning round cakes into ducks from Bit-O-Me Blog.

Duck and Chick Cookies from inGusto. The instructions are in Italian but they were too cute not to share.

Love these Duck Print Cookies again from Bit-O-Me

So we were 100% sweet on this week’s food theme, but trust me the savory options were not what we had in mind!

Which of the above will you be making?


Fun With Food – The Owl Version

Each week we try to bring you fun recipes based on our weekly theme.  We had so much fun this week finding owl recipes, unlike last week with the elephant recipes; so much more on owls!

Owl Cupcakes

All you need is oreos, mini M&Ms, and a cupcake.
Courtesy of This Food Is My Jam

For a little more of a challenge you can make this Owl Cupcake Cake

Courtesy of Disney Family Fun

This Owl Cake will take a little more time and patience.

Courtesy of Parenting

Now this is creative!

Owl S’Mores courtesy of Living Locurto

There a million owl sugar cookies out there for sale, but this give you instructions on how to make your own.

How To Make Decorated Owl Cookies courtesy of Sweetopia

How about some Owl Krispies?

Owl Krispies courtesy of Cookies & Cups

Owl Always Love You

Marshmallow Valentine Owls form Rook No. 17

For the more healthy among us, Fruity Owl Bagels

Fruity Owl Bagels from Better Homes & Gardens

Which is your favorite?

Having Fun With Food – Elephants

When it comes to fun recipes with an elephant theme you can, of course, go with your standard elephant shaped cookie.

But we wanted to challenge ourselves, so off to the internet we went and here is what we found; it wasn’t easy, there’s not that much out there 🙂

Elephant Cupcakes Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens (

For a mere $14.99 from you can make the coolest peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

If you are feeling particularly industrious you could whip up this masterpiece (please send pics if you do).

For us mere mortals, Disney’s option is probably more our speed

How about elephant cherry pie from Babycakes?

Last but not least, a favorite carnival staple, elephant ears from

How about it?  Do you have any fun elephant recipes?

Fun Recipes for Food Shaped Like Panda Bears

If you look around the internet, you will find food in just about any shape you can imagine. Some you may view unintentionally and will then never be able to erase the images from your mind. Others stay with you for good reasons. This week, since we’re celebrating the panda here at Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals, I typed panda recipe and crossed my fingers I wouldn’t find anything for actual panda ala The Freshman

Just about anything Bakerella puts her hand to comes out looking gorgeous!

Panda cupcakes from

She makes it look so easy and yet, mine never come out looking like hers. However, I haven’t practiced enough so maybe in time …..

For all you bread makers out there, how about a little panda in your bread?

Panda bread from

Panda bread from

And for the cookie lover, I present —

Panda cookies from

So, for all you adventurous spirits, go forth and make pandas! And if you’re in the Red Bank area, stop by and share!

Dirt – April Recipes

In honor of Earth Day, I made Dirt for dessert the other day. I  believe we should celebrate Earth Day every day, which is why we were having this three days after the “official” Earth Day. That, and this was the first time I had to make the dish.

You will need chocolate pudding, some oreo cookies, and some gummi worms. I had some instant pudding and milk lying around so I made mine but pudding cups work just as well.

For this dish, you need oreo cookie crumbs. This is where you get to take out some aggressions:) Place two cookies in a plastic baggie and whack the heck out of them. Or you could use the rolling pin and just grind them up.

Whichever way you choose, your final product should look like this – dirt.

Spoon chocolate pudding into a dish,

add a few gummi worms,

and cover with your oreo “dirt”.

This did not come out as well as I had hoped. The scent and taste of the worms was very strong and it overpowered the pudding. I got them out as soon as I could but a slight taste remained. Next time, I think I’ll just use licorice strings.

Apple & Cheese Fish – April Recipes

Continuing our search for fun recipes for kids, we found this fruit/cheese snack that’s just so cute!

With 1/2 an apple, some slices of cheese, and 1 chocolate chip, let’s make a fish, shall we?

Cut the apple in half. You now have it in quarters.

On one piece, cut out a small triangle. This will be the mouth.

From the other piece, cut out a tail.

Cut the cheese into small rectangles. I took 4 slices and stacked them before cutting the shapes for a thicker piece of cheese.

Arrange your pieces on a plate. Hollow out a small hole in the head and anchor a chocolate chip point side down.

Wouldn’t you love to have that as a snack? AND it’s good for you!

Recipe found on

Marshmallow Candy Necklaces

Today we discovered the great website Cute Food For Kids and found this fun idea of making Marshmallow Candy Necklaces.

All you need are some marshmallows, licorice whips, non pareils, gel icing and straws.

First push the straw through the middle of the marshmallow.

Cut the ends off the straw.  Leaving the piece in the middle of the marshmallow makes stringing the licorice whip much easier and neater.

String the licorice whip through the straw.

Using the icing and non pareils make the decoration of your choice.  I chose my initial (that’s an H, my artistic deficiencies are showing).

This is such a fun craft to do with your kids.  Who doesn’t love candy jewelry?