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Why You Always Test the Pinterest Crafts Ahead of Time!

wand 3


This is the latest craft we’ve found on Pinterest (originally from Buggy & Buddy) that makes us want to drop everything and MAKE THINGS!! We decided it would  be perfect to do with the kids at Fragile Earth for the 4th of July. But we have learned, from mistakes in the past, to try everything before getting kids involved. Most of the time, it all goes like clockwork but occasionally, instructions need to be tweaked a bit for our age group (read YOUNG!)

Helen set out to make one of these Patriotic Wands by screwing an eye hook into the end of a dowel.



Our first dowel was too skinny and split immediately.

wand 1


Our second choice was a little thicker and she got the hook all the way in, but the dowel spit in the end.

wand 2


Our third choice was the biggest dowel we had before we graduated to what she referred to as Patriotic Clubs rather than wands. Huzzah! This one worked 🙂

Next came the adornments – ribbons and sparkly wire. Helen quickly realized that little hands weren’t going to be able to thread more than one ribbon (if we were lucky) through the tiny hole of the eye hook, let alone work with the wire without poking themselves. So we rethought our craft and decided to attach all the ribbons before the kids arrived. We wanted them to have a hand in the decorating somehow so we added beads to the overall look which they could string on some of the ribbons. Because really, who doesn’t love beads?

Our finished project ….

wand 4


As you can see, we’ve added ribbon to the handle as well because it looks pretty! Hopefully we’ll have lots of little ones stopping by this weekend to make their own and we’ll share pictures of those next week.


Crafts to do with Kids – FELT CROWNS


We’ve found one way to get parents’ attention is to have something for the kids to do. Red Bank has a street fair twice a year and this Spring, we had felt crowns available for the kids to decorate. 


We took two strips of different colored felt, cut the points into the top and sewed them together.



Then we had buckets of buttons and beads ready for the kids to pick out their “jewels”.  We threaded needles ahead of time so we could sew them where directed.


We charged $5 a crown and we were the hit of the street fair!


Clive’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide – Gifts For Your Budding Artist

Clive’s offering today is for the budding artist in your life.

eeBoo Artist Pencils, Fair Trade Paperless Journals, Nature's Art Box

eeBoo Artist Pencils, Fair Trade Paperless Journals, Nature’s Art Box

Do you know a young artist? Colored pencils are mandatory for any creative person and getting a new set brings a thrill every time. From eeboo, these come in decorative tin boxes which can hold treasures when the pencils are finished.

Our journals are completely “tree-free” from Handmade Expressions. The artisans in India turn cotton rags into a pulp which they then use to make the pages. These journals are just begging for pictures and ideas to be shared with them. (Added bonus, they are Fair Trade as well!) And, as every good artist knows, inspiration can be drawn from everywhere, especially nature.

Nature’s Art Box has tons of ideas for projects that can be made from things right outside your door.

For our online shoppers, Fragile Earth offers FREE SHIPPING within the continental US.


Craft Supplies

In an attempt to get patrons in the store, and because we like to encourage our inner 5 year old, Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals is offering free crafts all summer. Every week will have its own theme

and each day will feature a different craft.

Our first week is all about pirates and we’ve got some cool things planned.

Helen is rightly worried about how paint on little hands and stuffed animals are not a great combination, so we’re going to be standing by with wipes at the ready!

Hopefully the kids will enjoy the crafts and the parents will remember us as a cool store when it comes time to buy stuffed animals and toys:)

Owl Week – Craft Ideas

Owls continue to be very popular so there are tons of craft ideas out there. I looked for ones that were a little bit different – not your run of the mill paper plate project. This is a small portion of what I found:

Made with styrofoam balls & sheets of felt (with a pair of googly eyes thrown in if you have them), these are adorable!

They used craft foam but I think you could just as easily use heavy card stock. I love the color combinations here.

The woman who made these is an artist so I fully expect mine to pale in comparison but I remember painting rocks (and shells) and having so much fun doing it!

The “no sew” component really struck my fancy since I hate hand sewing anything. These would make a great housewarming gift.

These look like they are owl pies in my mind:) I love the leaf shaped wings on the blue one. Once you get the patterns worked out, I bet these would be really easy to make.

Better Homes & Gardens used a mesh pencil tin but I thought this would be a great way to recycle a canned vegetable can.

Do you know anyone who knits or sews? If so, I’ll bet they’re constantly looking for a measuring tape. How cute is this?

I really want one of these owl bags. They are so funky, I just get a happy feeling every time I see them. I have some leftover scraps that will be perfect for the feathers!

I have always loved the look and feel of bric-brac. And to use it for his feathers is genius!

Yet another way to recycle those bath tissue rolls:) But come on! How sweet are these guys?

So these are the crafts I want to tackle. How about you? Any favorite owl ideas we should check out? Let us know in the comments.


Panda Bear Crafts

In our last segment about Pandas we have found some great panda bear crafts.  These are all simple crafts that use easy to find, relatively inexpensive items.

Learn about circles with this Panda Face made out of construction paper or craft foam from

Panda Bear Face from

Paper Plate Pandas from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas

Paper Plate Pandas from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas

and finally some Panda coloring pages you just have to print out and grab some crayons from

Giant Panda Coloring Page from

Giant Panda Coloring Page from

Giant Panda Coloring Page from

Giant Panda Coloring Page from

We Are Loving Pinterest

Are you on Pinterest?

Mary Beth and I are having so much fun with our Pinterest account.  You can find our boards here.  We pin our window displays,

Mardis Gras 2012


Monster Garbage Bags for Craft Tables

and funny and cute pictures of animals, just to name a few.

What do you pin?