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Two River Theater 20th Anniversary Season

Sunday night, Helen and I were invited to the unveiling of the Two River Theater 20th Anniversary Season. It was wonderful to hear John Dias, the Artistic Director, describe the new shows and the reasons behind choosing them for the upcoming season.

One of the most moving moments for me was during Bob Rechnitz’s opening statement when he asked how many people in the audience had seen the very first show (The Cocktail Hour) that they produced 20 years ago, and then how many had see every show the Two Rivers has put on during the two decades it’s been running. We were amongst some dedicated theater goers!!

Clive was devastated he was not invited to attend with us and he has put himself in my photo showing where he thought he should be sitting during the speeches.

clive at two rivers theaterHe even wore his Zorro outfit in his excitement.



Tips for Long Car Rides with Kids

travelAs Memorial Day approaches, parents all over the country mentally prepare themselves for the annual car trip vacation. While we all understand the urge to use sound resistant earphones to block out bored and frustrated children, the authorities tend to frown on them, especially on the driver. Rather than muting the “Are we there yet”s, let us give you some tips on keeping the little ones occupied during the trip.

Erica Mueller, in her article Tips for Traveling with Kids – LONG CAR TRIPS suggests bringing something new for your brood that they can get just before (or after) you leave. We did not do a lot of really long distance traveling when we were young, but the one trip I do remember, my grandmother had packets of books ready for us when we got in the car. Some were activity books, some were for reading, but all were designed to keep us busy.

Becky, in her blog post Traveling with the Kids for the Holidays suggests bringing a map showing the route you plan to take. That way they can mark off cities or states they’ve passed. Learning to read a map is becoming a lost art in the age of electronic navigators but is very useful, especially if your kids ever decide to go on the Amazing Race.

Tip Junkie has some great traveling tips for long drives – from food to activities to storage in the car. I particularly like the magnetic games (using a baking tin to keep all the pieces in one place!) and using a shoe organizer bag to manage each child’s activities and toys. They get to pick one thing every hour or so, making lots of choices available:)

It’s always fun to stop and stretch your legs. Maybe get a milkshake at one of Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives or take a quick hike along one of the many trails in the US. And if you’re traveling with kids of the four-legged variety, there are tons of hotels that are now pet friendly. Find a list

Another One Lost to the Cuts

Twice a year, Jellycat comes out with new products. As the time approaches, we check their website religiously, looking for new pictures. And thus begins the texting & gasping & “Oh My God, did you see this?!!!”, and there may be a squeal or two. We take our jobs very seriously here at Fragile Earth!

Working hard!

Working hard!


However, since Jellycat refuses to maintain a warehouse the size of Minnesota, as they bring in new lines, they discontinue certain products. We’re not sure how these choices are made since the ones they opt to “put in the vault”  inevitably sell well for us. It is with trepidation that we check the list to see who is being retired every year.

Prior Mascot

Prior Mascot

One of the recent cuts is the Medium Cordy Roy Aardvark, as in CLIVE!

Hey can I borrow this?  It's just my size

Hey can I borrow this? It’s just my size

My heart may have actually skipped a beat when I saw that. We put the word out on Facebook that what we have in stock is the last of his kind for us. “Alas, poor Clive, we knew him well!”

Clive in his Batman gear looking for the Batmobile

Clive in his Batman gear looking for the Batmobile

*Disclosure: For now, Jellcat will continue making the Small Cordy Roy Aardvark, just not the medium size.

My brother felt that Brayden NEEDED a Clive of his own so, since Bray was visiting us for the weekend, he went home with his very own Fragile Earth mascot. Last night, we got these pictures of Clive in his new home 

One of the Clive's has gone to live in Baltimore

One of the Clives has gone to live in Baltimore

with the text “At least I can learn my alphabet.” 

Of course Clive already knows his alphabet, in 4 languages!

Of course Clive already knows his alphabet, in 4 languages!

I informed him that Clive is fluent in both Latin and Greek and conjugates irregular French verbs to clear his mind. He will fit in perfectly. But beware of that child, Clive! He bites!!

Brayden, wearing a dinosaur hat, gnawing on a bowl

Brayden, wearing a dinosaur hat, gnawing on a bowl

If you would like an aardvark of your own, we have three left in stock, and after that, he is gone for good! Of course, we will be keeping our Clive and he will continue to be the mascot of Fragile Earth, going where no aardvark has gone before!

*Clive is a Medium Jellycat Cordy Roy Aardvark and can be purchased online at our website or in our store Fragile Earth in Red Bank, NJ

What is Your Favorite Elvis Song?

In honor of Elvis Presley’s birthday today, Clive put on his sideburns and paid homage by singing his favorite song by the King. As you can see, they’re practically twins!



If you look at it sideways? With one eye squinted? Maybe?

Anyways …. our favorite Elvis songs are Helen – A Little Less Conversation; Mary Beth – Can’t Help Falling In Love with You; Clive – Devil in Disguise. What’s your favorite? Tell us in the comments and we’ll give you the link to 25% off your final purchase online at Fragile Earth (good through Sunday 1/13/13)

Ideally, we’d love to have everyone shop our online store but how do customers find in the sea of all the other sites that sell Jellycat or eeboo? Right now, most of our online sales are coming from eBay where the fees tend to eat away our profits. So we started sending an insert with all our shipments hoping to direct returning customers to our store. By using a specific checkout code and offering a discount, we can track anyone who makes the switch. Hopefully, there will be a lot of them:)

new year partial

Please Let Me In!

This weekend, Clive was wandering about Red Bank, as aardvarks are want to do, when he came upon a locked gate. When he saw that it hid a patio with all sorts of carved stone blocks, he felt the need to investigate.

He tried to get in by squeezing between the bars but he’s had one too many milkshakes over the past few days.

Next he tried to climb over the fence but it was too high

and he got stuck half way up. His trusty handlers had to come and extricate him from the bars which was not nearly as easy as it would appear. He really has been overindulging!

One of his handlers suggested trying the door to the box office but, since it was Sunday, that door was closed to him also. He gave it the old college try however.

Perhaps, once his torch bearing duties are over, Clive will be able to take in a show at the Count Basie Theater and see the new patio properly (without resorting to breaking and entering!)


**Clive is a Jellycat Cordy Roy Aardvark and can be purchased either through our online site, Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals, or in our store at 9 Monmouth Street, Red Bank, NJ.

An Aardvark’s Got To Eat!

Which one of Red Bank’s hottest restaurants was a certain Olympic Torch Bearer spotted at last night? None other than Via 45, found at 45 Broad Street. 

Sources tell us he was there to visit his old college buddy, Edmundo the Charmed Elephant.

Of course, you cannot leave Via 45  before chatting with the Purple Cordy Roy Horse. He knows everything about everything!

Unless my eyes deceive me, that’s one of Clive’s biggest fans on the lower shelf – the beige bashful bunny!

Via 45’s chefs, Claudette & Lauren, were gracious enough to invite Clive into the kitchen so he could see how his dinner was prepared. It was such an honor and of course, the food was delicious!


**Clive is a Jellycat Cordy Roy Aardvark and all stuffed animals pictured can be purchased either through our online site, Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals, or in our store at 9 Monmouth Street, Red Bank, NJ.