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Do you ever have times when the giggles threaten to take over? If you work in the right environment, it happens occasionally and yesterday, when a shipment of hand and finger puppets from Folkmanis arrived, the silliness came too.

The armadillo was taking on anyone and everybody. He seemed to think he had magical forces that would offset any size difference in his opponents.

The orangutan spent quite a bit of time residing on someone’s head (I won’t say who).

There was a lot of swooping through the air going on  by the eagle.

The jack rabbit just went around kicking everyone

while the donkey ate everything in his path.

My mother stopped by and wandered around with the raven in her arms. Sooner or later, she will have one for herself!

And the ferret? I can’t even begin to describe what he was doing! No one would ever come back to our store!

Just imagine the fun you could have with Folkmanis puppets in your life.