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We’ve started cleaning out the back room at Fragile Earth.

back room


Although it still needs a LOT of help, progress is being made! You can see the floor now ūüôā Want to guess why we’re putting in all this hard labor?



Clive Says No To Reason, It Ruins Everything

Every week we change the quote on our sidewalk sandwich board at the store. ¬†This week, Clive* chose a quote from a book he’s reading – Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes by Jonathan Auxier.

clive peter nimble

This is a great chapter book to read aloud, it reminds me of just the kind of book our parents would read to us when we were younger. ¬†It encourages us to leave reason behind. ¬†Sir Tope , Peter’s sidekick, is a knight who is a combination of horse and cat, thanks to a cranky hag.

Clive says leave reason behind and open your mind to all the possibilities!

*Clive, our store mascot, is a Jellycat Cordy Roy Aardvark and can be found at Fragile Earth in 15″ and 10″ sizes.

Clive’s Words of Wisdom For Friday, January 4, 2013

Clive’s words of wisdom for this Friday.

clive jellycat cordy roy aardvard wisdom 1-4-13

**Clive is a Jellycat Cordy Roy Aardvark and can be purchased either through our online site, Fragile Earth, or in our store at 9 Monmouth Street, Red Bank, NJ.

Clive’s 2012 Gift Guide – Fair Trade Wooden Animals Handmade In Kenya

Clive’s offering today is for those of you that love animals, but not the plush variety, and they are from Fragile Earth’s¬†Fair Trade¬†collection.

Fair Trade Wooden Animals Handmade in Kenya

Fair Trade Wooden Animals
Handmade in Kenya

Sometimes in the store, we overhear in the store: “You have too many stuffed animals at home!” which just doesn’t make sense to us, as we firmly believe you can never have¬†too many¬†stuffed animals. But that’s just us. If you’re looking for a gift for the animal lover and you¬†don’t¬†¬†want to give one that’s stuffed, why not try a hand-carved wooden animal from Kenya? They are Fair Trade so you’ll be supporting¬†underprivileged¬†artists while giving a unique and creative gift.

Clive’s 2012 Gift Guide – Is There A Future Doctore In The House?

Today, Clive’s choices are two new items at Fragile Earth.

The Bones Book & Skeleton and My Silly Body

The Bones Book & Skeleton and My Silly Body

Unfortunately, we don’t have a¬†TARDIS¬†or a¬†fez¬†so we’ll have to go with the traditional definition of a doctor today. If you have someone who is interested in the human body and how theirs is supposed to work, we’ve got you covered.¬†My Silly Body Book¬†includes a life size, die cut, interactive body to show why it does the things it does. The Bones Book and Skeleton not only answers infuriating questions, like “why do we sweat?”, but also has a model skeleton to put together. Actually, this book might be good for parents of a young child who has reached the “why” stage!

Clive’s 2012 Gift Guide – Do You Know Snuggle Puppy By Sandra Boynton?

Clive LOVES Sandra Boynton and one of his favorites is the Snuggle Puppy Board Book.

Snuggle Puppy and other Sandra Boynton FavoritesWith Our Very Own Snuggle Puppy, Jellycat Latte Puppy

Snuggle Puppy and other Sandra Boynton Favorites
With Our Very Own Snuggle Puppy, Jellycat Latte Puppy

Sandra Boynton’s books are perfect for younger children and we have many of her phenomenally successful¬†Boynton on Board¬†series of Board Books. One of Clive’s favorites is¬†Snuggle Puppy¬†which is basically a hug in book form. And what better way to give this book than to pair it with the¬†Jellycat Latte Puppy, who is a professional hugger by the way. Be sure to check out the rest of the¬†Sandra Boynton¬†books we have in stock. It’s never too early to start a child’s library!

Clive’s 2012 Gift Guide – For The (Almost) Champion Shoe Tyer

Clive’s next offering in the 2012 Fragile Earth Gift Guide is for the Champion Shoe Tyer in your life.

Learn To Tie Your Shoes With Zoo's Shoes

Learn To Tie Your Shoes With Zoo’s Shoes

Do you know someone who is just learning to tie their shoes? The best way to become a champion shoe tyer is lots of practice and what better way than using a book full of shoe laces? In the box, Bunny teaches you how to tie shoes using the “bunny-ear” method. Then, read about all the zoo animals and their predicaments as their shoes become untied. Can you help them out?