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Another One Lost to the Cuts

Twice a year, Jellycat comes out with new products. As the time approaches, we check their website religiously, looking for new pictures. And thus begins the texting & gasping & “Oh My God, did you see this?!!!”, and there may be a squeal or two. We take our jobs very seriously here at Fragile Earth!

Working hard!

Working hard!


However, since Jellycat refuses to maintain a warehouse the size of Minnesota, as they bring in new lines, they discontinue certain products. We’re not sure how these choices are made since the ones they opt to “put in the vault”  inevitably sell well for us. It is with trepidation that we check the list to see who is being retired every year.

Prior Mascot

Prior Mascot

One of the recent cuts is the Medium Cordy Roy Aardvark, as in CLIVE!

Hey can I borrow this?  It's just my size

Hey can I borrow this? It’s just my size

My heart may have actually skipped a beat when I saw that. We put the word out on Facebook that what we have in stock is the last of his kind for us. “Alas, poor Clive, we knew him well!”

Clive in his Batman gear looking for the Batmobile

Clive in his Batman gear looking for the Batmobile

*Disclosure: For now, Jellcat will continue making the Small Cordy Roy Aardvark, just not the medium size.

My brother felt that Brayden NEEDED a Clive of his own so, since Bray was visiting us for the weekend, he went home with his very own Fragile Earth mascot. Last night, we got these pictures of Clive in his new home 

One of the Clive's has gone to live in Baltimore

One of the Clives has gone to live in Baltimore

with the text “At least I can learn my alphabet.” 

Of course Clive already knows his alphabet, in 4 languages!

Of course Clive already knows his alphabet, in 4 languages!

I informed him that Clive is fluent in both Latin and Greek and conjugates irregular French verbs to clear his mind. He will fit in perfectly. But beware of that child, Clive! He bites!!

Brayden, wearing a dinosaur hat, gnawing on a bowl

Brayden, wearing a dinosaur hat, gnawing on a bowl

If you would like an aardvark of your own, we have three left in stock, and after that, he is gone for good! Of course, we will be keeping our Clive and he will continue to be the mascot of Fragile Earth, going where no aardvark has gone before!

*Clive is a Medium Jellycat Cordy Roy Aardvark and can be purchased online at our website or in our store Fragile Earth in Red Bank, NJ

Handmade Bibs. Who Knew They Would Be So Popular

Two years ago I got my first sewing machine and I found a pattern to make baby bibs which looked easy enough for me to try.  Not only was it fairly easy, I found I really enjoyed making them.  So I made up two or three and brought them into Fragile Earth to see if anyone would be interested in buying them.  At this point, my sister in law was pregnant with this guy.

Please note the dashing baseball bib he is modeling!

Please note the dashing baseball bib he is modeling!

So I knew, if worse came to worse, I would send them down to her.

hello kitty valentine's day bib


The next day we sold our first bib in the store and, as I am wont to do, I got so excited I ordered a TON of fabric to start my new bib making empire.  While it never turned into an empire, our bibs have turned into one of our best selling items in the store.  The funny thing is we put them on etsy and online and they don’t sell, except one every blue moon.  I wonder why?

 snoopy st patrick's day bib

So we continue to make bibs and now we are adding special holiday bibs.  Stay tuned for our Easter collection coming soon.


Guess Who’s Coming to The Halloween Party hosted by Fragile Earth & Ricky’s of Red Bank???

Great news!  We have a very special guest coming to the Halloween Party being hosted by Fragile Earth and Ricky’s of Red Bank this Sunday, 10/21/12.  Our one year old nephew, Brayden, is coming to Red Bank all the way from Baltimore to see the Halloween Parade and go to the Halloween Party at Ricky’s right after the parade.  Want to come to?  Just call Fragile Earth, 732-759-0016, to reserve your spot.  Space is limited so we recommend pre-registering.

Clive is so excited, he and Brayden are in deep discussions about costume choices.

**Clive is a Jellycat Cordy Roy Aardvark and can be purchased either through our online site, Fragile Earth, or in our store at 9 Monmouth Street, Red Bank, NJ.

His Aunts Have An Awesome Toy Store But All He Wants Is An Iphone

Yesterday, we got to spend a very relaxing day at my parents with my nephew.  We are obviously biased, but this is one of the most beautiful, good natured babies you will ever want to be around.  Who would have thought my idea of the perfect day is to spend all day with an almost 9 month old baby?

We started the day with the most well documented bath in history.

Then there were feedings and walking of dogs and reading books.  God help my brother and sister-in-law but he is just about ready to start crawling.  He dragged himself across the table in a military crawl to get what he wanted.

What did he want?  Well, his cool aunts have an awesome toy store and will bring him anything from the store but all he wanted was Mary Beth’s iPhone.

He military crawled across the table on his stomach, took the iPhone, rolled himself over on his back and stared in rapture at the kaleidoscope app.

All too soon the day was over and we had to say goodbye.

We are left counting the days until either we get to Baltimore again or he can come back to NJ.

June 11, 2012

Yesterday, we closed the store and went to visit the nephew in his new house. Of course, we brought him lots of good things to play with. What good is having Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals if we can’t spoil Brayden rotten? And his favorite thing? A balloon. Go figure!

He and his family have moved to Baltimore which is about 3 hours too far away. If Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals suddenly disappears from Red Bank, look for it to pop up somewhere in the Fells Point area. Because it is very difficult to say goodbye to that face.