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Why You Always Test the Pinterest Crafts Ahead of Time!

wand 3


This is the latest craft we’ve found on Pinterest (originally from Buggy & Buddy) that makes us want to drop everything and MAKE THINGS!! We decided it would  be perfect to do with the kids at Fragile Earth for the 4th of July. But we have learned, from mistakes in the past, to try everything before getting kids involved. Most of the time, it all goes like clockwork but occasionally, instructions need to be tweaked a bit for our age group (read YOUNG!)

Helen set out to make one of these Patriotic Wands by screwing an eye hook into the end of a dowel.



Our first dowel was too skinny and split immediately.

wand 1


Our second choice was a little thicker and she got the hook all the way in, but the dowel spit in the end.

wand 2


Our third choice was the biggest dowel we had before we graduated to what she referred to as Patriotic Clubs rather than wands. Huzzah! This one worked 🙂

Next came the adornments – ribbons and sparkly wire. Helen quickly realized that little hands weren’t going to be able to thread more than one ribbon (if we were lucky) through the tiny hole of the eye hook, let alone work with the wire without poking themselves. So we rethought our craft and decided to attach all the ribbons before the kids arrived. We wanted them to have a hand in the decorating somehow so we added beads to the overall look which they could string on some of the ribbons. Because really, who doesn’t love beads?

Our finished project ….

wand 4


As you can see, we’ve added ribbon to the handle as well because it looks pretty! Hopefully we’ll have lots of little ones stopping by this weekend to make their own and we’ll share pictures of those next week.


Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals Summer Treasure Hunt in Red Bank

We apologize for being a little absent from the blog recently.  We are busy preparing for our Treasure Hunt in Red Bank, NJ this weekend, June 30th to be precise.  Red Bank is known for many things but one of the main draws to town has been their annual July 3rd fireworks display.  For budget reasons, the powers that be, in their infinite wisdom, decided to cancel this year’s display.  This is huge for local businesses because the fireworks would bring THOUSANDS of people to town for the day.

In an effort to do something for the 4th of July, Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals has created a treasure hunt around town.  You start at our store and pick up your map and loot bag.  The map will take you to other stores in town where they will give you a clue to your final destination as well as a little something for your loot bag.

If you are in Red Bank, NJ this weekend, stop on by 9 Monmouth Street for your treasure map.  Don’t let a little 90 degree heat and NJ humidity scare you away. George is resting up, saving his energy.  I just wish we could do the same.

We just took the picture, he tucked himself in.