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Why You Always Test the Pinterest Crafts Ahead of Time!

wand 3


This is the latest craft we’ve found on Pinterest (originally from Buggy & Buddy) that makes us want to drop everything and MAKE THINGS!! We decided it would  be perfect to do with the kids at Fragile Earth for the 4th of July. But we have learned, from mistakes in the past, to try everything before getting kids involved. Most of the time, it all goes like clockwork but occasionally, instructions need to be tweaked a bit for our age group (read YOUNG!)

Helen set out to make one of these Patriotic Wands by screwing an eye hook into the end of a dowel.



Our first dowel was too skinny and split immediately.

wand 1


Our second choice was a little thicker and she got the hook all the way in, but the dowel spit in the end.

wand 2


Our third choice was the biggest dowel we had before we graduated to what she referred to as Patriotic Clubs rather than wands. Huzzah! This one worked 🙂

Next came the adornments – ribbons and sparkly wire. Helen quickly realized that little hands weren’t going to be able to thread more than one ribbon (if we were lucky) through the tiny hole of the eye hook, let alone work with the wire without poking themselves. So we rethought our craft and decided to attach all the ribbons before the kids arrived. We wanted them to have a hand in the decorating somehow so we added beads to the overall look which they could string on some of the ribbons. Because really, who doesn’t love beads?

Our finished project ….

wand 4


As you can see, we’ve added ribbon to the handle as well because it looks pretty! Hopefully we’ll have lots of little ones stopping by this weekend to make their own and we’ll share pictures of those next week.


Children’s Book Day – What Was Your Favorite?

Tuesday, 4/2/13, was Children’s Book Day.  We posted this picture of Clive showing our favorite Childrens Books on our Facebook page (come on over and like us, all the cool kids are), Twitter and Instagram.

clive childrens books


Along with the picture of our favorite childrens books, we asked the obviuos question, what is your favorite childrens book?  We loved reading the responses and most made us think “oh, I forgot that one!” but there were also a couple we hadn’t heard of giving us something new to look for the next time we are in the bookstore.

The more popular responses found on all our media outlets were:

A Little Princess by Francis Hodgson Burnett – this links to a used copy of the version we read as kids with illustrations by Tasha Tudor

The Bridge To Terebithia by Katherine Patterson

Are You My Mother? By P D Eastman

Thornton W Burgess Animal Stories –  We are not familiar with these, so we’re looking forward to finding them and trying them out.

Stuart Little by E. B. White

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

So? What was your favorite book to read when you were growing up?

Another One Lost to the Cuts

Twice a year, Jellycat comes out with new products. As the time approaches, we check their website religiously, looking for new pictures. And thus begins the texting & gasping & “Oh My God, did you see this?!!!”, and there may be a squeal or two. We take our jobs very seriously here at Fragile Earth!

Working hard!

Working hard!


However, since Jellycat refuses to maintain a warehouse the size of Minnesota, as they bring in new lines, they discontinue certain products. We’re not sure how these choices are made since the ones they opt to “put in the vault”  inevitably sell well for us. It is with trepidation that we check the list to see who is being retired every year.

Prior Mascot

Prior Mascot

One of the recent cuts is the Medium Cordy Roy Aardvark, as in CLIVE!

Hey can I borrow this?  It's just my size

Hey can I borrow this? It’s just my size

My heart may have actually skipped a beat when I saw that. We put the word out on Facebook that what we have in stock is the last of his kind for us. “Alas, poor Clive, we knew him well!”

Clive in his Batman gear looking for the Batmobile

Clive in his Batman gear looking for the Batmobile

*Disclosure: For now, Jellcat will continue making the Small Cordy Roy Aardvark, just not the medium size.

My brother felt that Brayden NEEDED a Clive of his own so, since Bray was visiting us for the weekend, he went home with his very own Fragile Earth mascot. Last night, we got these pictures of Clive in his new home 

One of the Clive's has gone to live in Baltimore

One of the Clives has gone to live in Baltimore

with the text “At least I can learn my alphabet.” 

Of course Clive already knows his alphabet, in 4 languages!

Of course Clive already knows his alphabet, in 4 languages!

I informed him that Clive is fluent in both Latin and Greek and conjugates irregular French verbs to clear his mind. He will fit in perfectly. But beware of that child, Clive! He bites!!

Brayden, wearing a dinosaur hat, gnawing on a bowl

Brayden, wearing a dinosaur hat, gnawing on a bowl

If you would like an aardvark of your own, we have three left in stock, and after that, he is gone for good! Of course, we will be keeping our Clive and he will continue to be the mascot of Fragile Earth, going where no aardvark has gone before!

*Clive is a Medium Jellycat Cordy Roy Aardvark and can be purchased online at our website or in our store Fragile Earth in Red Bank, NJ

Fragile Earth in Red Bank, NJ is OPEN!!

Jersey Shore Convention Visitors Bureau is launching an “OPEN FOR BUSINESS” Campaign and is calling all business owners to submit their own OPEN FOR BUSINESS pictures.  We spent the afternoon with friends putting Fragile Earth’s picture together.

fragile earth toy store red bank nj we are open

On the heels of the hurricane Sandy, The Jersey Shore Convention Visitors Bureau, (the only destination marketing organization sponsored by the State of New Jersey Division of Travel and Tourism), needs our participation. There is no charge for this campaign.

They are getting the word out that the Jersey Shore is open for business at www.visitthejerseyshore.com.  If you have a business at the Jersey Shore, send in your picture NOW!  Let’s show the world, NJ is OPEN FOR BUSINESS! You can submit via email to jerseyshorecvb@gmail.com, or post on their facebook page http://www.facebook.com/visitthejerseyshore.

Please Vote For Fragile Earth in the Red Bank Holiday Window Decorating Contest

Our town of Red Bank, NJ is holding a Holiday Window Decorating Contest this year.  All participants are to decorate their store windows using the theme of holiday movies.  Fragile Earth decided to use the scene from The Chronicles of Narnia:  The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe where Father Christmas comes to Narnia.  And because you can’t do a Narnia window without the White Witch we added her with Edmund and her gnome to the side.

Fragile Earth Holiday 2012 Holiday Window Decoration Entry

Fragile Earth Holiday 2012 Holiday Window Decoration Entry

It took us quite a while to come up with our movie, but once we did we got so excited about it.  What you can’t see in the picture is we have icicles and snowflakes hanging from the ceiling and there are twinkling fairy lights under the snow.

If you love our window as much as we do, please take a moment to vote for us here.  We not only win bragging rights but a local media package as well and YOU are entered to win a $50.00 Red Bank gift card.

Free Blow Out? Just One Of The Many Prizes To Be Won on The Red Bank Halloween Hunt

Clive is wondering if the complimentary blow-out donated by SALON 31 Red Bank NJ for our scavenger hunt will work on ears as well as hair. If you want a chance to win this or one of our other great prizes, the hunt is this Saturday from 1-4 PM.  Pre-register here

**Clive is a Jellycat Cordy Roy Aardvark and can be purchased from our website or in our store at 9 Monmouth Street, Red Bank, NJ.

More Prizes Coming In For the Red Bank Halloween Hunt This Weekend

Clive (or Michelangelo as he prefers to be known these day) is so excited about A Time To Kiln’s contributions for the Red Bank Halloween Hunt this weekend, hosted by Fragile Earth. Be sure to pre-register to ensure your eligibility to win one of these great prizes. It’s easy as 1-2-3 to register online .

**Clive is a Jellycat Cordy Roy Aardvark and can be purchased from our website or in our store at 9 Monmouth Street, Red Bank, NJ.