Walking Polar Bear – Day 9 National Craft Month March 2012

This Saturday, story time at Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals will be all about polar bears and everyone will get an Arctic stamp in their passports.  With polar bears on the brain, we chose to make Walking Polar Bears as our craft for Day 9 of National Craft Month.

Materials needed for this craft are:  Two paper plates, scissors, hole punch, glue, brads, white and black pom poms, googly eyes, two pieces of white card stock.

Step One – Cut out middle circle of one of your paper plates.  This is your head.

Step Two – Glue on ears, eyes and nose.

Step Three – Glue your head to second paper plate (your body).

Step Four – Using your white card stock, cut out 4 legs.

Step Five – To secure your front legs, place one leg on the front of the body and one leg directly behind.  Using your hole punch, punch a hole for your brad and then secure your brad.  Adjusting the brad will determine how easily your legs move.

And finally, Step Six – Glue your white pom pom on as his tail.

Simple, with minimal materials and great results.


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